PSA: Attention all Registrants and Family

Lets take a moment and look around this country; Government restraint is increasing at an all time high, tensions among the public races are deteriorating rapidly and international relations are not exactly stable. Now you may be asking yourself why I have pointed out these things that are blatantly and obviously accepted as common knowledge. Here is something else that is supposed “common” knowledge, the recidivism rate among registrants is 80%, which if you have any real common sense you can quickly deduce how absurd this is. There are roughly 850,000 registrants nationwide that means that 680,000 will re-offend yearly 1863 per day or 77 every hour How is this event remotely possible? Stop and think, even with a re-offense rate of 3.5%, which is a percentage that a number of people point to, that would mean that 29,750 per year or 82 per day. Considering how news media makes a big deal about any time a person on the registry is involved in anything let alone on a new sex crime. That would be the only thing that would be on the news casts each and every day. The reason I have pointed all of this out, is that this country is completely unstable and right now is the time to wave the truth in the face of not only the public, but the face of every Politician, Judge, PNP officer and Attorney. To try to restore a tiny bit of sanity to our judicial and government systems.

Right now we need to band together and pull our resources. It is now that is the time to bring together every study showing the real recidivism rate, as well as the ridiculously increasing amount of crimes that are becoming register-able. The people do not realize their power, if we bring together these study results and make them readily available to every public citizen we will have an avalanche effect. The truth will rapidly make itself visible to every corner of the nation, leaving those that choose to believe in this ridiculousness of this nations bureaucratic nonsense nowhere left to hide.

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