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Risk perception may not be about quantifiable risk so much as it is about immeasurable fear. Our fears are informed by history and economics, by social power and stigma, by myth and nightmares. And as with other strongly held beliefs, our fears are dear to us. When we encounter information that contradicts our beliefs, we tend to doubt the information, not ourselves.

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This Website and its contents are focused on the necessary modification and ongoing review of US Public Law 109-248 also know as the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. In 2006 this law became official and most all states have substantially implemented the administration of this law in its raw form out-of-the-box, if you will, as a standard practice for monitoring and restraining ex-felons.
As an overview, you may read more from the Department of Justice online at:

Advocating sex offense sentencing parity and post sentencing fairness (sex offender registration and notification requirements, as they exist, post SORNA (Megan’s Law a.k.a., Adam Walsh Act of 2006; )). Offenders of minor, non-violent exploitation laws should not have to be deprived of life and liberty or be punished [twice] for an offense they already served time for. The quality of life is greatly disturbed when states, and the American government, deprive you of these liberties which you were guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Is the Sex Offender registry Constitutional?

Recently there was a federally funded study in New Jersey to see the effectiveness of Megans Law. It was found that Megans Law did not prevent any new crimes from occuring and did not lower the recidivism rate. Heres an article…3/1047/opinion, heres another article that states the obvious…fails_t_1.html

Now we can go back and forth and throw the “Protect our children” chant, but the fact of the matter is that it has not protected children and in fact has destroyed lives of many who have tried to repair their lives of their mistake. Now I am not condoning the crimes because they are ugly in all reality, but the people that have committed these crimes, most have done their time, have served out their probation/parole. So why are they still subject to these “regulatory”, but in reality, punishments?

The public would rather feel like they have control over this because our legislators have empowered them into thinking that they can make a difference. Preventing an ex offender from rebuilding their life is asking for crimes to be committed again. The laws implemented are “feel good” laws hiding behind a regulatory mandate to thwart challenges, but the more laws you pile on, the more the truth of it all is seeping through. There are over 800,000 sex offenders on the registry in America today, that is enough votes to make a difference in this land our forefathers fought for. Trampling on civil rights and making unconstitutional laws is not going to protect your children. read more

I should also probably mention here that there is no such thing as a “Sex Offender.” There is no medical category defining a class known as “Sex Offenders” and there is no defined psychological class known as “Sex Offenders” it is a purely legal category created entirely by legislators.

response that two ACLU MI members posted in response to Attorney Kyle Sammin bemoaning the Supreme Court

The term Sex Offender really only means that a particular defendant was convicted of a crime that involved sex (widely defined) and the term encompasses literally hundreds (if not thousands) of crimes can label people as “sex offenders” (with new laws being passed every day).

  1. Director,

    I have been advi
    sed by my detective in MD that I might talk to his counterpart in Ft Lauderdale before a planned move to the state he considers the most aggressive jurisdiction in the country with regard to registrants. They might try to block my purchase of a home in the state. Does any of this sound familiar ?


  2. Registration is Servitude!

    SORNA forces [me] to leave my home and travel to a police station to deliver public safety data, under oath, and submit to photographing and fingerprinting, for publication on a website that is scraped by private enterprise for redistribution and profit making purposes. E.g.; I am required to remain on-call around a 48 hour clock to keep the data current, year round, in perpetuity. That is a seizure. I must do so at my own expense. That is exploitation.
    SORNA transforms [me] into a delivery boy, expert witness and assistant website content manager. The value of that service exceeds 200k per year as the approximate cost to government of acquiring the data it wants by alternate means, like hiring enough cops to collect the data without molesting me.
    Article 1 Sections 9 and 10 prohibit congress and state legislatures from singling people out for deprivations. That’s a bill of attainder, or pains and penalties. Cummings v. Missouri. And the 13th Amendment unquestionably prohibits Servitude except as a punishment for crime of which a citizen has been duly convicted which requires Judicial process and the safeguards embedded in the 6th Amendment. All of them.
    Hence, Congress can’t lawfully impose Servitude against a subclass whether civil or not. Dancing around vagaries like delegation of power and retroactivity is a red herring that distracts from a historically outrageous usurpation of power and treasonous disregard for the Judiciary and the bill of rights. Incredible!
    SORNA is the regulation of human beings. Plain and simple. Forced labor, involuntary servitude, kidnapping and trafficking all rolled up in one. Felony crimes. Proponents of SORNA should be indicted, for warring against the constitution.

    Lock em up!

  3. Are you still answering questions. Deals with my son who was born with ADD and possible bipolar and now medical issues. 25 years ago the underage girls wanted to be with him but wouldn’t say that in court. Parents threatened juvenile hall.