Courts may Not take a Non-categorical Approach

Abstract: On March 5, 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in United States v. Dodge held that courts may take a non-categorical approach in determining whether a defendant qualifies as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. Although a non-categorical approach is warranted by accepted standards of statutory construction, courts following a non-categorical approach in the future should

And What About the Rest of My Life

The State and Federal Registries are Aggravating and Unnecessary. There is no simpler way to describe the sterility effect our nation’s new sex offender laws have on a low-level non-dangerous person’s life. Aggravating because there are no open forums for which a past offender may present his case for relief to. Either you are a sex offender or you are


“New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of two or more States.; or parts of States without the consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as the Congress.” President Nixon, on March 27, 1969, through the Government Reorganization Act divided the


To find sex offender notification laws unconstitutional] is to find that society is unable to protect itself from sexual predators by adopting the simple remedy of informing the public of their presence. That the remedy has a potentially severe effect arises from no fault of government, or of society, but rather from the nature of the remedy and the problem;

Is Sex Offender Registration Unconstitutional

Recently there was a federally funded study in New Jersey to see the effectiveness of Megans Law. It was found that Megans Law did not prevent any new crimes from occuring and did not lower the recidivism rate. Heres an article…3/1047/opinion, heres another article that states the obvious…fails_t_1.html Now we can go back and forth and throw the

Court rules state sex offender registry unconstitutional

By Maureen Hayden CNHI Statehouse Bureau INDIANAPOLIS — A federal court appeals ruling may push state legislators into finding a fix for some long-standing problems with Indiana’s sex and violent offender registry. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled the state’s registry was unconstitutional because it violated the due process rights of ex-offenders in the registry who have no way

Hundreds of Individuals Unconstitutionally Placed on Sex Offender Registry

June 12, 2013, New Orleans – Last night, in a federal class action lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and co-counsel, a settlement with Louisiana was finalized that will remove from the sex offender registry approximately 700 individuals who had been required to register solely because of a Crime Against Nature by Solicitation (CANS) conviction.  Today’s settlement

Student Report of Sexual Assault Charged by UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore Landen Gambill faced retaliation for filing a federal complaint against the university. Gambill’s case gained national attention after she reported a sexual assault to the school and was later charged with a school honor code violation. Gambill filed an additional complaint in March after being charged with the honor code violation by the student-run honor court. The court charged that Gambill

Jumbotron Displays Adult Movie in Train Station

It was called “Xin Jin Ping Mei.” This interesting and tasteful work is based on the story of “The Plum in the Golden Vase.” The slight problem in broadcasting it publicly is that this particular version plumbs the area known to many as pornography. You see, it also goes by the name of “Sex and Chopsticks.” Sensitive flowers were therefore

Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Rap For iPhone Pic

JULY 2–A 15-year-old Florida girl was arrested yesterday on a child pornography charge for allegedly showing several classmates a photo on her iPhone depicting “two juveniles engaged in oral sex,” police report. On May 21, the iPhone was seized from the girl “during class” by an employee of Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel who “observed a picture of