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Month: March 2017 Win in California

A win in California!  Under threat of litigation the Seal Beach City Council repealed what are politely known as ‘residency restrictions’ which dictate where individuals required to sign the sex offense registry can reside.  Statewide regulations still apply but those were cut back by a California Supreme Court decision.  Banishment scheme is a more accurate descriptor for Seal Beach’s ordinance

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Month: March 2017 Constitutional Law and the Role of Scientific Evidence

Boston College Law Review | Feb. 22, 2017 Constitutional Law and the Role of Scientific Evidence: The Transformative Potential of Doe v. Snyder by Melissa Hamilton Excerpts: In the United States, sex offenders are uniquely regarded as moral lepers, in need of constant supervision and forced to the margins of society. The public’s fear of persons who have committed crimes

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