Student Report of Sexual Assault Charged by UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore Landen Gambill faced retaliation for filing a federal complaint against the university. Gambill’s case gained national attention after she reported a sexual assault to the school and was later charged with a school honor code violation.

Gambill filed an additional complaint in March after being charged with the honor code violation by the student-run honor court. The court charged that Gambill created an “intimidating” environment for her alleged abuser, an ex-boyfriend and fellow Chapel Hill student whom she has never named publicly. Gambill would have faced expulsion if she had been found guilty, but the charge was eventually dropped.

As part of the third investigation, the OCR will also consider whether the university retaliated against Gambill when administrators moved her ex-boyfriend, who was found by the honor court to have sexually harassed her, to a dormitory located near Gambill’s residence, according to the News & Observer.

The Education Department sent a “Dear Colleague” letter in April to all colleges nationwide, reminding them it’s against the law to retaliate against whistleblowers like Gambill.

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