Tier II ambiguos to some

Tier II includes most sexual abuse or exploitation offenses against minors and attempts or conspiracies to commit such offenses. Tier II also includes use of a minor to practice prostitution and production and distribution of child pornography.

The corollary to this guideline would be that if a person who was convicted of possession of materials involving a minor would not necessarily be a Tier II offender as the classification of a more aggressive crime is the second sentence of this guideline being,”…use of a minor to practice prostitution and production and distribution of child pornography.” is more harmful to an actual person than downloading pictures from the Internet.

Even though there are particular arguments supporting the “harm to society” that downloading pictures from the Internet bring about, this is still not a good propose, or assertion, to posit an offender while comparing the possession-of criminal behavior with the same level as a person who distributes or produces the industry of child abuse imaging.

Details of the SORNA which need to be considered when investigating offender levels for State and Federal registries.

After being released from my incarceration period I had the requirement of counseling and treatment/group classes.  I thought I would take the opportunity to find answers to registration classification—finding out how the registry classified  offenders who are put on the registry. One counselor had to call a detective from our local precinct to find this answer since the answer was not readily available by way of book, Internet. Even the local registry office did not know. What we found was that there is a investigative unit of detectives that does this work of deciding whom goes where. I took the liberty to research this “Unit” to find out how they did this and what steps were involved.

Currently I am still in the process of finding this information as the powers-that-be are not even available for contact since they have no office or no phone number or no affiliation with the State office of public safety. Once I find these ‘people’ I will post this. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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